Wednesday, 18 September 2013


My name is Michela, a.k.a. VioletSplendor10 on YouTube and Amazaz on Makeupalley. I am a writer of metaphysical non-fiction and fantasy & sci-fi fiction, but I have a great passion for all things make-up and beauty and, based on this hobby, I have built a part-time career as cosmetician and make-up artist that I enjoy.  This blog will be my outlet to sound off on whatever I find fascinating, beautiful, original; makeup techniques and reviews and swatches of selected products and much, much more! I hope you'll join me on this journey and that we all will have FUN!
My muse is the gorgeous Italian actress Monica Bellucci, who also has been photographed without makeup(do not have that pic yet) and without airbrushing, as the photo below shows.
Monica is talented and obviously beautiful, but her strength is in  the fact that she is intelligent and knows that, as she said: "...Beauty has to be inhabited." I look up to a few artists out there, and I will write about people I find truly beautiful and talented and discuss and/or try to reconstruct a certain make-up look.